Our Wines

Wine Styles

Here at Robert Stein we produce a number of different styles of red and white wines. Ranging from dry through to semisweet whites, and light soft tannin through to rich, complex red wines with a fine dry finish.

The wines are made from fruit grown on the property and selected Mudgee vineyards. Some of the styles and blends produced have been passed down from Robert Stein himself, while others have been developed by Jacob to best reflect the quality of fruit grown in a given season, the varietal and Mudgee's regional characteristics.


The first blocks in the vineyard were planted by Robert in 1976 and these have been extended over the years to now encompass about 12ha (30 acres). Most the vineyard is situated 550m above sea level and on a gently sloping sight. The soils ranging from shale to quartz in the upper part of the vineyard and moving to richer more loamy as you move down the slope.

Being at this altitude means the vineyard receives the warm days cool nights required for the grapes to develop mature flavours while retaining their freshness and natural acidity that helps to produce a quality wine.

We are constantly working towards improving the dynamics of the vineyard though the use of composts, nutrients and planting of mid row cover crops in an effort to further increase the quality of the fruit produced each season.

Wine Making

Being a boutique size winery allows Jacob to use a very hands on approach to the winemaking, and means that small batch winemaking is possible. The use of modern and traditional techniques helps to get the most out of the fruit each season. These methods combined with many of the varieties being handpicked, helps us to produce a better quality, handmade wine for you to enjoy.