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Our Story

Stein's Wines and the Robert Stein Vineyard trace our family history to the earliest days of Australia's pioneers. Brought out from Germany by the Macarthur family (of sheep-breeding fame) in 1838, Johann Stein carried with him the first cuttings of Rhine Riesling to survive in Australia. Under his supervision the Camden Park vineyard flourished as one of the earliest wineries in Australia. Later, his brother Jacob established his own vineyard called "Sandal Farm" on Prospect Creek near Carramar, in Sydney's South-West.

There Jacob raised a large family and entertained visitors to the winery including explorer Ludwig Leichhardt and Father of Federation Sir Henry Parkes (later five times New South Wales Premier). Unfortunately, the world-wide outbreak of phylloxera disease put an end to the vineyard and ruined most of Australia's infant wine growing industry.

Over a century later however, tradition was revived when in 1976 Robert "Bob" Stein, a great-great grandson, purchased 75 acres at the present location and embarked on a rigorous planting programme - Shiraz being the first rootlings planted.

Subsequently, acreages of Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Traminer, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Muscat have been added, bringing diversity and flavour to the original plantings.

Under Bob's watchful gaze, modern equipment and technology have combines with honourable traditions to produce a variety of red and white table wines of award winning quality, not to mention a "speciality of the house" - our delicious Rum Cask Port.

The Robert Stein Vineyard prides itself on having a well-equipped laboratory, enabling testing at all stages of the wine making process - from the vineyard to the crusher, through fermentation and finally to filtering and maturation.

A recent aquisition was a German Willmes Press, which has given our operations an enormously increased capacity to handle any harvest.

We welcome you to share in our rewards.

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