Harvest & Vintage news

A high rainfall season created plenty of additional work in the vineyard this season. However the rain stopped just in time for us to ripen whites quite nicely. Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay shows good flavour at lower ripeness levels than normal, but with nice natural acidity.

Riesling and other later white varieties are showing classical ripeness and great flavour, also with lower sugar levels but with excellent natural acidity and are of very high quality.

We did get some rain in between whites and reds which has slowed the reds in ripening, but luckily we missed the big storms and heavy rainfall and floods like some parts of the coast received.

Early Rose batches have been picked, and the juices are excellent, and luckily the warm and dry weather has reds ripening again.

Most of the reds are 2-3 weeks behind schedule, but we are hopeful of continued dry and warm weather over the next few weeks so we can harvest the reds with optimum sugar, tannin and acid balance.