2024 Mudgee Vintage Report

The 2024 vintage began with a dry winter, requiring thorough irrigation for a strong start. Spring started dry but a wet November boosted growth, reducing irrigation needs & disease pressure. The El NiƱo pattern led to dry, warm days, minimizing foliar spraying, & promoting healthy canopy growth. Rainfall was well-timed, supporting abundant cover crops that minimized wildlife damage.

Despite dry conditions during flowering, summer brought favourable ripening weather. Occasional rain had little effect on the fruit. Overall, the season's drier nature was a welcome change, resulting in lower disease pressure & healthy vineyards, albeit with slightly reduced yields in some areas.

The 2024 vintage saw the harvest in Mudgee starting around two weeks earlier than usual, with Sparkling varieties picked in mid-January, leading to a short and rapid harvest period of six weeks compared to the usual 8-12 weeks.

Early & aromatic whites like Riesling & Gewurztraminer displayed excellent quality, boasting natural acidity & a perfect balance of bright, fruity character. Chardonnay & other white varieties also shined, producing wines with good concentration.

Red varieties, notably Shiraz, Montepulciano & Barbera, showed great to excellent quality with deep colour, natural acidity & a balanced tannin & fruit profile. These wines, having undergone malolactic fermentation, are healthy & promising.

In summary, despite lower yields, the 2024 vintage offered a much easier growing season, resulting in excellent quality wines that have us truly excited about the potential of this year's batches.